Brighton preview: Blood Red Shoes @ Concorde 2 Friday 27 April 2012

Start Date:April 27, 2012

Brighton preview Blood Red Shoes @ Concorde 2 Friday 27 April 2012Brighton-based Blood Red Shoes play Concorde 2 on Friday 27 April 2012. Brighton and Hove Free Press contributor, Ian Walker, takes a look at what the audience can expect.

Discordant duo Blood Red Shoes are often scrutinised for a lack of foundation and melodic stability. Their new album – ‘In Time To Voices’ – however, brings their pop-infused punk to a whole new distinguishable level.

The punk paragons have been successful in drawing a wide teenage demographic to their cause. Loudmouthed vocals feed rapid paced destructive drumming and guitar aspects courtesy of an antagonist. The Brighton-based outfit was blessed with the knowledge of Mike Crossey, the infamous Foals producer, to bring chalk and cheese together once more.

Blood Red Shoes are often compared to The Kills, Cage The Elephant and not surprisingly the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In honesty, they have no direct comparison, unless Cage The Elephant used their guitars as drumsticks while Alison Mosshart politely commentated.

The previous two albums from the band were slightly erratic: punk met pop and they did not get along, at all. However eight years of hardship has brought about a whole new, more mature sound. ‘In Time To Voices’ hones the talent of the two creating a cacophony of musical cohesion. Signature track ‘Cold’ stands out: a mix of chaotic drumming and volatile vocals surrounding what appears to be one woman’s involuntary escape from a relationship – cliché but respectable.

Another notable track to listen out for on the new album is a song called ‘Two Dead Minutes’, which sees the band playing around with electronica – perhaps a sign for the future. Don’t worry, you’ll still get your kicks from Ansell assaulting the drum kit among long periods of orchestra in an anthemic finale.

The album incorporates a pastiche of four interpretations of genres complemented primarily by the progression in Carter’s voice, which compared to the feral nature of Ansell, sounds refreshingly pure. The concoction of barking and beauty certainly does suffice, though definitely a Marmite one for you.

Expect a lot of noise as the boy and girl pairing take to the stage at Concorde 2 on the 27 April. Their last encounter delivered a large dose of teenagers crowd surfing, obligatory mosh pits and barrages of warm beverages being aimlessly tossed above  heads. Their usual array of visual and audible aspects will of course take centre stage, creating a euphoric spectacle that forms the raw edge they’ve become famous for.

This tour is probably that ‘make or break’ time from a mediocre teenage act to genuine contributors to the contemporary music scene. Brighton of course being their hometown, one can expect a really passionate performance.

Overall it is an exciting time for the band. The venue will play perfect host to the mayhem that is likely to ensue and anyone in need of more than adrenaline rush should definitely attend. They’ve become notorious for advocating chaotic crowds and admirable anarchy but this one certainly isn’t for the faint hearted.

Blood Red Shoes play Concorde 2 on Friday 17 April 2012. For more information and tickets, visit the Concorde 2 website.


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