Meet other singles at Paddle Round The Pier

Start Date:July 2, 2011
Venue:Paddle Round The Pier
Address:United Kingdom

Paddle Round The Pier Festival is happening this weekend and we are very excited about it and keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will hold out.  Our original plans were to have an informal BBQ, but we are unable to do this due to the nature of this weekend’s event.

We are however, pleased to announce that we will have use of a pitch to utilise as a meeting point at PRTP.

Look for the Shoreham Kite-surfing Club which is pitch number is 81.  It is pretty much half way in between Entrance 2 & Entrance 3 and is located near the end of the Slalom Skate and just before the Half Pipe Midi begins.

We are using the Paddle Round The Pier Festival to raise awareness of Soul Mate Events & Gay Mate Events and will be actively distributing leaflets and talking to people to help increase exposure of our forthcoming events.   We will be using Shoreham Kite-surfing Club’s pitch as our base.

Come along and join us for a glass of wine & some cake!  It is a joint stand so will be manned by at least one person at all times including myself.  The other people who can help answer questions about Soul Mate Events and their own respective businesses will be Ebonie & Zoe from and Jon from

Visit our site and see our other events at or call us on 01273 233200.  For an instant reply email us on

We look forward to seeing you there.

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