Over 250 drug offence charges brought against Brighton drug dealers

Over 250 drug offence charges brought against Brighton drug dealersOver 250 drug offence charges have been made in Brighton following 52 arrests and the execution of 10 warrants.

These charges have been made as Brighton police has completed the most recent phase of Op Reduction, the partnership initiative aimed at disrupting drug dealing and tackling drug abuse in the city, police say.

The highest number of charged brought against one suspect has been 37, with the highest value of drugs being seized during a single raid being £36,000 worth of heroin.

The arrest phase is part of the ongoing partnership work Sussex Police undertakes with its partners, including the health and social care charity CRI, which works with individuals, families and communities affected primarily by drugs or alcohol. They also help those affected by crime, homelessness, domestic abuse or anti-social behaviour.

Interventions have resulted in over 520 referrals into drug treatment services since Op Reduction began in 2005.

Mike Pattinson, director of operations for CRI, said: “Our association with Sussex police in delivering Operation Reduction has demonstrated over a number of years how effective partnerships between treatment services and the police can be.

“Getting people into effective treatment is a proven way of reducing drug related harm and crime. It also frees up resources to take enforcement action against the suppliers of drugs which devastates families and communities.”

Detective Inspector Mick Jones from Brighton CID said: “The work undertaken by the Op Reduction team continues to make a real difference in the local communities in Brighton and Hove by helping more users to get the treatment and support they need.

“Drug addiction can have an impact on all communities in the city, not just the health implications for addicts themselves but for anyone else who may become a victim of crime as a result of some addicts resorting to criminal behaviour to feed their habit. This extends to friends, family and neighbours of drug addicts.

“Drug abuse is linked not only to other types of crime, but to homelessness, domestic abuse and anti-social behaviour. It is for this reason that tackling drugs remains a priority for partners in the city.”

For more information, visit the CRI website.

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