New campaign launched to reduce motorbike casualties in Brighton

There has been a 20% increase in casualties among 20-29 year olds riding 50-125cc motorbikes and mopeds in Brighton and Hove, according to figures released by the city council.

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, of which the council is a part, has launched a new campaign to highlight the importance of wearing the right gear, for visibility and protection.

Nearly a quarter of road fatalities and serious injuries in Sussex are made up of motorbike riders, yet they only constitute 5% of road users.

The ‘Stay a Hero, Stay Safe’ campaign video above is part of a wider push to try and reduce this number.

Councillor Ian Davey, cabinet member for transport and the public realm, said: “Protection is vital for motorcyclists on the road. As well as a correctly fitted helmet, it is important to wear decent boots, trousers and jacket, and ideally gloves. Hitting the road at just 20mph can cause a serious flesh wound without them.

“The most common time for collisions is from 4pm to 7pm during the week and 2pm to 4pm at weekends. This is the time when people are returning home from work and may be tired and not be as effectively looking out for other road users, as well as themselves. Bikers are vulnerable to accidents as they are not always easy to see, so it’s important to be aware of them as well as pedal cyclists, as more take to the road with the better weather.”

The partnership also runs a police-led local ‘Bikesafe’ programme, aimed also at reducing casualties by improving skills, knowledge and hazard awareness.

Phil Clarke, Brighton & Hove City Council’s road safety manager and a motorbike commuter, said: “Sometimes the actions of bikers put them in a more vulnerable situation, such as weaving in and out of traffic queues or slow moving traffic, overtaking or undertaking on the approach to junctions and assuming that other drivers can or have seen them. It’s all about recognising your own vulnerability and riding accordingly.”

Bikers can also get ‘Crash Cards’, with key details for the emergency services in case of an accident from copies of The Sussex Bike magazine, or by ringing Keith Baldock on (01273) 292 258.

Photo by Michael Mooney

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