Brighton event: Dispersing Fashion exhibition @ University of Brighton 10 May 2012

Start Date:May 10, 2012
Venue:Room 219, University of Brighton

The durational installation ‘Dispersing Fashion’ invites you to witness a process of destruction that explores environmental issues. Over time, three dresses will slowly break down highlighting society’s reluctance to use water efficiently. The handcrafted dresses hang elegantly in the space, metaphorically representing the fragility of the rainforest. The work addresses the horrifying effects that our everyday actions have on the environment. Originating from an interest in recyclable and sculptural fashion, the work now explores clothing as a narrative, a form of education.

‘Dispersing Fashion’ is an exhibition of third year degree work at the University of Brighton. Over the course of two hours you are encouraged to revisit the work to witness a steadily shifting environment.

Exhibition opening times: 10 May 1-3pm

Exhibition address: Room 219, University of Brighton, Grand Parade, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 0JY


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